Thursday, October 29, 2020

About Me

Many years ago, I quit my job, sold everything I had and purchased a one-way ticket overseas. I did not have a job lined up, and everything I owned was packed into just two suitcases. It was scary, but exhilarating all at the same time as I was finally following what was in my heart to do. Go on new adventures, experience new cultures, and learn from all the interesting people around the world. It’s been challenging at times, as every day is different, but that is also what makes it so exciting! If you want to know who you are and what you’re made of you’ll quickly find out : )

Immersed In The Culture

Growing up I always wanted to travel, but I did not want to just visit a country for a few days and do the “touristy thing.” I wanted to live there over a longer period of time to get immersed in the culture and to really get to know the people. Since I was young, I have thought it would be fun to live 6 months or longer on the 5 continents.

I have now lived 2 years or longer in 5 countries on 3 continents and lived in a total of 11 different cities. If I include the 3-months I spent in New Zealand, that would be 6 countries on 4 continents. One day I do hope to be able to experience Australia and more of South America.

Will Change You

It has been amazing meeting so many great people of all kinds of backgrounds. Looking back at the last 15 years, I am so glad I went on this adventure. Being completely immersed in the country while learning the language is something I would recommend everyone to try. It will really give you a different perspective on life. In fact, it will give you experiences that really change you to the core, in a very positive way. I can try to explain it to you through stories, but it really just needs to be experienced, at least once in your lifetime!


On this blog, I write about various topics like living overseas. The most random things can happen, and it’s these experiences that makes it so interesting and exciting! Life overseas can also be so very different than the culture we grew up in, and I enjoy writing about these experiences.

I also write about places I have been to around the world. I do hope to inspire you to go venture out to these places and many more as you go on the adventure of a lifetime. But most of all, I hope to inspire you to pursue your passion with everything in you!

The last 15 years, I have been living in various countries around the world. It's been amazing learning new languages and meeting so many interesting and wonderful people of all kinds of backgrounds. I enjoy writing about these experiences, as well as helping people discover what is in their heart to do.

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