Awkward Moment Taking X-Ray Traveling Overseas

Awkward moment taking X-ray in Asia
Awkward moment taking X-ray in Asia

When I lived in South East Asia, I had a cough that lasted a little longer than normal. I decided it was time to see the doctor. The doctor wanted me to have a chest x-ray just to be on the safe side.

I went through the process and followed all their instructions for x-rays. Everything seemed to go smoothly while the x-rays were taken. I waited in the room to get confirmation that the x-ray turned out well and I could get dressed and leave.

We Have A Problem

But then the nurse came into the room again. The nurse was a nice lady who seemed like she was right out of nursing school. She had been very professional the whole time giving me instructions on how I should position myself for the x-ray. But after seeing the x-ray, she entered the room and acted a little different. In fact, she was awkward… super awkward. I was wondering what was going on? What did they see on my x-ray?! I was hoping it wasn’t anything serious..!

Awkward Moment

Her English was not very good (and being very shy as well), she tried to the best of her ability to communicate with me in English. She had my full attention as she carefully tried to explain something to me in English.

Nurse: “Nipple”

Me: “eh.. excuse me?!”

Nurse: “Nipple!”

Me: What?!

Nurse: “NIPPLE!!!”

Me: “Oh, I get it!”

I finally realized what she was referring to. I had totally forgotten to remove my nipple piercings before taking the x-rays!

I quickly removed them and went back for another x-ray. This time they were happy with the result of the x-ray and told me I could get dressed.

Could Keep The X-Ray

The best part is that the nurse came out with the x-ray image that had the piercing in them. I asked if I could keep the x-ray and she said yes! I was stoked because no one would have believed me if I told this story to them, but now I have the x-ray to prove it 🙂

We both had a good laugh after seeing the x-ray. I think it’s a hilarious picture!

Visiting Hospital Overseas

Visiting a hospital or a doctor overseas can always be a little iffy depending on what country you are in. Some hospitals are 100x better than back home, but then there are some that I would not want to be treated at.

Ask An Expat

If you have to see a doctor, my recommendation is to ask an expat friend who has lived in the country to see who they recommend. If you are just traveling and do not know any expats in the city, go to an online forum for expats in that country/city, and you should be able to find some good recommendations.

World Class Hospitals

There are many westerners that travel to Asia for medical treatment. Many hospitals provide world class treatment and patience care at a fraction of the cost in the west. Most of the doctors and dentists have studied overseas and speak English fluently. You will therefore not have any problems communicating with the doctor. Just remember to ask a friend about who they recommend.

And If you have piercings and are about the take an x-ray, remember to remove them first 🙂

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