Best Coffee In Chiang Mai, Thailand – Ristr8to

Best Coffee In Chiang Mai, Thailand - Ristr8to
Best Coffee In Chiang Mai, Thailand - Ristr8to

There are lots of coffee shops in Chiang Mai, but not that many of them have great espresso-based coffee. But when we tried Ristr8to in Chiang Mai, and my wife loved it, I knew it had to be the best coffee in Chiang Mai. She loves coffee and is considered in at least my opinion, a hardcore coffee lover.

I like coffee, but she will not accept my type of coffee as “real coffee.” She calls it a “coffee flavored beverage….” Yes, I like flavored syrup in my coffee! 🙂

Addicted To The Best Coffee In Chiang Mai

Anyways, I want to tell you about Ristr8to, the best coffee in Chiang Mai, Thailand and how awesome it is. The first time we went there we became addicted to their coffee. Their menu is quite exciting with so many options to choose from. Everything we tried was fantastic.

The first time we went, was a few years ago and Arnon the founder and head barista, was still working there every day. This round, he had trained a new barista and I did not see him in the store. They have opened new locations, therefore, I’m sure he’s busy working and training his staff. They have also moved their coffee roaster to another facility.

Lots Of Coffee Cups In A Week

When I went through my pictures from our first visit, I was shocked at how many cups of coffee we had! But then again, we went there up to 3x per day; therefore that adds up to a lot of coffee cups in a week! We even considered once to fly to Chiang Mai just to go to Ristr8to. It’s the best coffee in Chiang Mai by far and probably in Thailand. Ah, let’s just say it’s the best coffee in all of Asia! ;p

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Excellent Presentation

I’m not going into detail about any of the drinks, as I just don’t have the knowledge or expertise in this area other than I know it’s the best coffee in Chiang Mai 🙂 But I also really do like how they present their coffee on a wooden tray. Excellent presentation. I also really like how they have designed are decorated their interior. It’s a pretty hip and cool place without coming across as trying too hard.

Here are some pictures:

What?! I..Need..More…Caffeine… Now…. Please…

If you’re ever in Chiang Mai, Thailand and love coffee, please let me know what you think of Ristr8to!

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