Friday, September 21, 2018

Here are the best deals I have found for October 2017

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Today’s Deals From Amazon

These products are on sale and usually have a timer that says how many hours are left of the sale, or it’s a fixed amount of quantities available. I update this list every morning around 6AM EST.


Having your groceries delivered for just a few dollars per month is a pretty good deal. I wanted to include it here for those that are not aware of the delivery service. It’s an unlimited amount of groceries that you can have delivered to your home.

Fantastic Discounts On Select Patio Furniture, and Accessories

Here you’ll find some fantastic deals on select patio furniture. Again, there mostly sell during the summer, therefore they are trying to clear stock.


I just recently learned that Amazon started selling books online in 1994. They then added DVD’s and CD’s and started selling consumer electronics. Now they have added all kinds of products and even deliver groceries to customers in certain states in the US.

New Trends

Amazon has always been on the cutting edge of new trends it will be interesting to see how they utilize drones to deliver their products in the future. That will really be a game changer. It’s quite crazy how the world has changed just the last 20 years. Soon we’ll have drones buzzing around us and won’t think twice about it, it will just be normal every day life!


Anyways, thank you for checking out these Amazon deals. These promotions are always changing, therefore I’ll try to keep this page as updated as possible with their latest promotions.

Hope you’re finding some great deals!

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