Best Online Store for Supplements That Ship Overseas

iHerb, Great Shop To Buy Supplements That Ship Overseas

One of my biggest issues when living overseas has been to get a hold of supplements! I workout on a regular basis, and take protein shakes among other supplements after each workout.

When I would move to a new country, I would visit every gym I could find and see what products they carried. Unfortunately, they would usually be limited on their products available or out of stock of what I wanted…

Then after a few years, the selections would be better, but then I would start staying away from gluten and dairy, and then it was almost impossible to find supplements! But these days it is so much easier as many online stores ship overseas that have a huge selection of supplements.

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Overseas Shipping on Supplements at iHerb

The best online store for supplements that ship overseas I have found is iHerb. Their prices are low, and their shipping costs are fantastic. Usually, it’s free shipping overseas for orders over $40, which I think is pretty impressive (I believe the weight has to be less than about 3 kg).

Their selection of products is massive, especially if you have any dietary needs and need gluten free, dairy free products, etc. If you click here you’ll get $5 off your first order (Promo Code DTZ315) and if you sign up to get their newsletter, you’ll get an additional 10% as well.

10% Discount on Supplements

But what I like the most is their rewards program. On each purchase, you get a credit for 10% of that current purchase. This credit will expire in 60 days. For example, if you purchase for $100, you get a $10 credit toward your next purchase.

With their loyalty program, you basically get 10% off each purchase on products you buy on a monthly or bimonthly basis (within 60 days). Many stores have special discounts on certain times of the month on certain products, but this 10% loyalty discount is quite good as it’s consistent and includes all their products.

Remember to use Promo Code DTZ315 and sign up for their newsletter to get an additional discount.

Have you tried iHerb yet? Where do you get supplements that ship overseas?

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