Blackhead Remover Mask – Clear Whitening Mask by Sekkisei Kose

Blackhead Remover Mask Black Mask - Clear Whitening Mask by Sekkisei Kose
Blackhead Remover Mask Black Mask - Clear Whitening Mask by Sekkisei Kose

Did I think growing up that I would ever do a blog review about facial products and especially a blackhead remover mask?!

No, not really, but to try new things is one of the most important things in finding your passion in life. You can read more about how to find your passion in my book, and workshop.

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Blackhead Remover Mask

 is the blackhead remover mask I used. Before recording this video, I had done this a few times before.

I was planning on putting it on my forehead as well, and that is why I wore sunglasses to keep my hair from touching the black mask. But I decided to not put in on my forehead and just do the lower part of my face.

Sekkisei Kose

I’m not very familiar with Sekkisei Kose, but I was told this was one of the better blackhead remover mask out there. Being made in Japan, I’m sure it is a high-quality product. Most of the products I’ve purchased from Japan have been of excellent quality, and since this was something I would be putting on my face, I’m glad it was made in Japan!

Black Mask Application

The black mask is a good balance of being not too watery, and not too thick. It was quite easy to put in on my face without dripping the black mask all over the place. After I put the black mask on my face, I waited about 20 minutes for it to dry completely. Some areas took longer since I had a thicker layer, and other areas dried quickly.

When I started pulling the blackhead remover mask off my face, it wasn’t that painful at all. I’ve seen other videos of people pull it off and it looked really painful. I think they must have put a thick layer on, but used another brand that sticks more like glue to the face. As you can see in the video, it was easy for me to peel it off, and there was no discomfort.

The Results

Since this is the only black mask I’ve ever used, I can’t compare it to others black masks, but I do think that it does what’s it’s supposed to do. I did see a few black and whiteheads attached to the black mask after pulling it off. I was actually hoping to see a ton of them just peel off, but that was not the case.

Layer Of Dead Skin

What I did notice was that small layers of, I guess, dead skin was attached to the mask. After using this black mask a few times, I noticed my skin had become smoother.

I think that these masks need to be used multiple to first remove layers of dead skin from the face. Then the black mask will then have better access to the pores and should be able to remove the black and whiteheads. That’s my theory anyways, and I will just have to keep using it and see how it goes!

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