Beautiful Burney Falls – Waterfall in California

View of Burney Falls in California
View of Burney Falls in California

Burney Falls was called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by President Roosevelt. It’s located in Northern California about a 3-hour drive north of Sacramento. The total height of the waterfall is about 35 meters (114 feet), and it’s an absolutely magnificent waterfall.

Easy Access to Waterfall

What is nice about this waterfall at Burney Falls is that it’s very convenient for anyone to access. You do not need to hike very far to get to the waterfall. After you park your car, you walk for about 5 minutes and then you’re there!

Trail To Burney Falls Basin

The first view of the waterfall is from above. They have trails you can hike all around the waterfall, and as you make your way down the path, you end up in the basin of the waterfall. Pictures turn out great because of the color of the water and angle you are facing toward the waterfall.

Burney Falls View From Trail
Burney Falls View From Trail

It will become apparent to you why President Roosevelt called it the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” It really is an impressive waterfall, with a beautiful green and blueish tint in the water. It’s not the tallest in California, but it’s considered the most beautiful.

Burney Falls Trails

The surrounding area is a wonderful area to go hiking in. They have one trail that will take you around the waterfall in about one hour or so. It’s an easy hike, with pleasant walking terrain that most people will be able to walk and enjoy. You can go on longer hikes in that area, but the shortest takes about an hour to get around the waterfall and back to the parking lot.

Day Trip

Burney Falls can be a great day trip for those living in Sacramento or San Francisco. They have a visitor center with picnic tables outside of it for you to enjoy a meal.

Here is a link to Burney Falls Official Visitor Website in California

San Franscisco drive to BurneyFalls, CA
San Franscisco drive to Burney Falls, CA / Screenshot Google Maps

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Facts About California

Population: About 40 million
Size: 423k square km (163k square miles)
Capital: Sacramento (About 500k)
Largest City: Los Angeles (About 4 million)

Map of Burney Falls, California
Map of Burney Falls, California / Screenshot Google Maps

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