Dealing With Jet Lag From Traveling

Dealing With Jet Lag From Traveling

When traveling around the world, jet lag can be quite annoying to always have to deal with as you’re constantly changing time zones.

If you will be hanging out at the beach all day on a vacation, it’s not that big of a deal as you can doze off whenever you want to. But if you’re traveling to attend an important meeting or giving a presentation, and you’re feeling all groggy through the entire meeting, it can be quite annoying!

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Exercise, Water, Sun

Caffeine works for some people, but at some point I crash as my body just needs rest. People say that working out, drinking lots of water, and being out in the sun will help your body adjust to the new time zone, and I have found these to be true. But what it does not help with is when I wake up at 1AM after going to bed at 10PM from jet lag. Not being able to sleep through the night has been the most difficult for me in dealing with jet lag.

Osim Eye Massager

In trying to figure out how to fall asleep again from jet lag, I found a product that has helped me to be able to quickly fall asleep again. It’s called  and is an eye massager. What I like the most about this eye massager is that it is battery operated and therefore does not need to be connected to any power outlet, and I do not need to think about whether I’m in a 110v or 220v country.

Various Settings

It has various settings, and even plays spa music softly into your ears. It has a mood light as well, but I turn the mood light off, especially if I use it in the middle of the night as lights tend to wake me up even more. It vibrates and has a heating feature also. The vibration feature I don’t use, but it’s quite nice to have the heating feature on as it feels really comfortable on the face.

The settings are for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. I usually use it for 15 minutes and then it will massage around my eyes, on the sides, and above and underneath. It’s really pleasant! 15 minutes of massage is usually enough for my eyes to get tired again, and for me to be able to fall asleep.

For Frequent Travelers

If you frequently travel to different time zones and struggle with jet lag, try to exercise, drink more water than you usually do, and get some sun during the day if possible. I prefer to use P90X3 for my workouts as I can do the exercises in my hotel room. And if you still have trouble sleeping through the night, like I have at times, then you can pick up one of these eye massagers to see if it also works for you.

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