Do you shower in the morning, evening or both?!

Do you shower in the morning, evening or both?!
Do you shower in the morning, evening or both?!

Who would have thought my shower habits would become a “big deal” when I moved to Asia?! I grew up usually showering in the morning before school/work.

In the afternoon or evening a few days a week I would go to the gym or play sports, and then shower for the second time. But I would not go to the gym every day, therefore on some days, I would only shower in the morning.

I was under the impression that this is what most people did. Keep in mind I grew up in a colder climate with very low humidity…

Culture Shock

It was therefore quite the culture shock to move to Asia and realize that absolutely everyone would shower in the evenings just before bedtime. It was not something that was the “normal” thing to do, it was a total must and frowned upon if you didn’t shower in the evenings!

If someone had showered in the evening, they would not go out of the house again that evening because then they would have to shower again. I thought this was quite amusing, and my friends thought I was totally gross for not doing the same thing! Since I felt that was a little extreme, it became the topic of conversation many times, and we all had many good laughs about it!


But there is a difference between living in a humid country and a colder climate. I would not sweat as much residing in a colder climate, as when living in a humid climate. Therefore after living in Asia, I totally understand why showering in the evening is the way to go. When it’s 40 Celsius with high humidity outside, and you’ve been sweating all day, do you really want to curl up in bed next to your loved one without showering?! Who wants to be close to someone who is covered in dried up sweat?!

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The last few years I’ve therefore always showered in the evening, and it’s become part of my daily routine. Now since I live in a very humid climate, I can’t imagine not showering in the evening before going to bed. But I do wonder if this would change if I were to move to a colder climate again! Probably not 😉

Shoes At The Door

To me, it’s become the same as taking off my shoes when at home. Many homes in the US people enter without taking off their shoes. I find this quite gross as I grew up always removing my shoes before entering the house. If someone were to come into my house today without taking off their shoes, I wouldn’t let them in…! But every culture is different, and it’s therefore always good to ask first when traveling overseas or going to a friend’s house.

Hint Hint..

A helpful hint for when living overseas is this; when they give you a look of shock and disgust and gasp, then you might want to ask before you continue doing whatever you’re doing! 😉

Crawling On The Carpet

On a side-note, I do find it a little disturbing when children are crawling around on a rug in a home where people do not remove their shoes. I might be too extreme on this, but with all the allergies and issues children have these days, I wonder if it’s related. Or it could be we don’t let our kids play enough in this type of environment.

Playing Outdoors

I have a friend that was an au-pair in the US. The children she would take care of were not allowed to play outside. The parents were afraid the children would get germs and then sick. It was a total culture shock for my friend who grew up climbing trees, falling off trees and playing in the dirt all day.

Sterile Environment

The children she took care of had a very weak immune system and constantly on antibiotics. I wonder how their immune system would be if they had been exposed to a less “sterile” environment.

I’m not an expert on this, but I think being exposed to sand and dirt now and then while playing is just healthy for a child. But I don’t think that a toddler, laying on a 20-year-old rug that is rarely cleaned with people walking in and out with shoes on, will improve a child’s immunize system. If they only walked on grass and dirt it’s fine, but people go in and out of public bathrooms (with all kinds of gross stuff on the floor) and then walk straight into their homes! Eww!?! 😉

Do you shower in the evenings, mornings or both?! What about your shoes, do you walk inside with your shoes on?

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