Geocaching, A Fun Activity To Do In Any City


Who doesn’t like to go on a treasure hunt? Countless movies and books have been written about treasure hunts, and you can find TV shows where treasure hunters travel the world to find lost treasures.

It’s quite exciting to watch these shows, and it must be such an adrenaline rush for these people knowing that they actually might find a treasure worth millions of dollars!

What if I told you could go on a treasure hunt right now in your city and you would almost be guaranteed to find a “treasure”? Well, it’s true, you can! You can experience the “same” adrenaline rush by going Geocaching in your city! You’ll find “treasures” in your surrounding area, and the best part is that it’s free.

Geocaching App

To go geocaching, you have to first download the Geocaching App on your phone. The hidden “treasures” are called “geocaches.” The Geocaching App will show you where are the geocaches are located in your area. Many years ago you had to find the coordinates online and use a GPS to locate the treasures. But with the Geocaching app, it’s much easier to use and navigate.

Hidden In Nature

The geocaches are placed there by people who wanted to contribute for others to enjoy looking for their geocaches. The geocaches are usually small, waterproof containers that are hidden in nature. Inside the container, you will usually find an interesting object (Sorry, you probably won’t find gold or a treasure chest). You’ll also find a log sheet and often a small pencil to enter your information that you found it.

Check The Reviews First

Using the free Geocaching App, you can also see reviews from others who have been there recently. People will write whether they found the cache or not. Sometimes the geocaches have been lost for various reasons. It’s therefore good to first check when was the most recent review, so you’re not spending a lot of time searching for a cache that might no longer be there.

In the Geocaching App, you can also get hints about where the cache is located. Some of the geocaches are not that easy to find, and the hints and pictures from other people are super helpful.

Fun Activity To Do With Friends

It’s very enjoyable, and you get to see your surrounding area and travel to places you normally might not visit. Whenever I go to another city, I always find it amusing to see what “treasures” are there and what type of objects people hide. It’s especially fun to go with a group of friends, and see who finds it first!

How Geocaching Got Started

Geocaching started many years ago when the GPS accuracy had significantly improved, and GPS devices had become readily available for everyday consumers. Dave Ulmer from Oregon, USA was the first documented person to place a GPS-cache in the year 2000 and post it online for others to find. Now it’s become a very popular activity all over the world for all age groups.

Last time I went Geocaching

You can see a video of last time I went geocaching. Remember it’s not just about what you find, it’s also about enjoying the experience and being out in nature! 🙂

Here is the video I made from last time I went:

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