Great Workout Program For Home And When Traveling – P90X3

A Great Workout Program For Home And When Traveling - P90X3
A Great Workout Program For Home And When Traveling - P90X3

Working out and staying fit while traveling can be a little challenging. Most hotels and apartments have a fitness room that guests can use, but many of these facilities are not always that great. You just never really know what each hotel has and the quality of the equipment.

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P90X3 by Beachbody

I therefore prefer to do a home workout program called P90X3 by Beachbody. I do the P90X3 program at home year round, and when I travel. The reason why I prefer this program is that it can be done anywhere in the world and it requires very little equipment. But the best part is that is that it’s only 30 minutes a day! They don’t drag it out and it’s pretty much exactly 30 minutes with warm up and cool down. This fits my schedule perfectly!

P90X Original

I have also used the P90X Original program. I liked this program as well, but it was just too long for me. Each session was usually from 45 minutes to 1 hour. I just do not have time for that with my work schedule.

Only 30 Minutes

But 30 minutes is perfect because when you are 20 minutes into the workout and super tired and want to quit, it’s much easier to press through another 10 minutes, then another 40 minutes! 🙂

You will get better results in the short run with P90X because of the longer workouts. But for me, my goal is to stay fit and make it part of my lifestyle. I also want to be consistent in working out throughout the year, because I know I’ll then see great results in the long-run.

Set A Realistic Goal

I meet many people who get all excited about new workout program, only to quit after a couple of months. That is why it’s important to do a workout that is realistic for you and fits your lifestyle and schedule. I can do 30 minutes a day, but a program that 1 hour a day, I just don’t have time for it!

Another great reason to workout at home is that I don’t need to drive to a fitness center, then drive back, and then shower. This can add an additional hour in total. But I just jump into the shower afterward and then continue with my day. To workout and shower takes me just 45 minutes in total.

Full Body Workout

P90X3 is a full body workout. They have combined tons of different exercises in one program. Cardio, weight lifting, MMX, Pilates, Yoga, it’s quite impressive how they have been able to combine so many exercises in one workout program. They call it muscle confusion, where you are always doing different types exercises with the same muscle group. The muscles then do not get used to the same repetitive exercise again and again, and your muscles get a better workout.

P90X3 Schedules: Classic, Mass and Lean

There are 3 different schedules, Classic, Mass, and Lean. I have tried them all and they are great workouts. I would recommend Classic and Lean though. P90X3 is not really a bodybuilding type workout program. You do get a great pump from P90X3 Mass schedule, but I do not feel it’s designed for building muscle. If you’re trying to get “huge”, you might want to try P90X Original.

When I was building muscle, I would follow the P90X3 Mass schedule, but I would swap out the upper and lower body sessions with the P90X Original sessions. This worked out well for me.

P90X3 Equipment

You don’t need much equipment to use the P90X program. I do have various weights I use at home, and I use resistance bands and a door anchor when traveling. You can read more about the resistance bands and door anchor I use here. The bands and anchor door will work in any hotel room. They are very light and do not take up much space at all in your luggage.

Key Is Consistency

If you’re trying to get in shape, I would highly encourage you to try out P90X3 by Beachbody. Tony Horten and his team have done a fantastic job with this program, and I am so glad I was introduced to it.

Just remember that the key is consistency. Whether you choose P90X3 or any other program, make sure it’s a program that you can consistently do for about a year.

If you can make it for a year, then it’s become part of your lifestyle, and it’s very likely that you will continue for the rest of your life and stay fit! Wohoo!

Have you tried P90X3 by Beachbody? How did you like it?

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