Interview With Keo Chang On Racing Cars

1st place for Keo Chang and team member George Chow
1st place for Keo Chang and team member George Chow

I had the opportunity to interview Keo Chang on his experience racing cars. He is currently racing in the Blancpain GT Asia Series with Taiwan Top Speed Racing Team.

Which car do you race on the racetrack, and what is your favorite street car?

I am currently racing in the Blancpain GT Asia Series for the GT4 class. I use a Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport for the races. My favorite street car is a Lotus.

How did you get into racing cars?

Four years ago, a friend invited me to the Shanghai International Circuit to watch the F1 race. They also had GT race events going on at the same time. I then found out that with the proper lessons, I could obtain a racing license and join the race as a gentleman driver. So that was where and how my new hobby started…

How were you able to excel so quickly at racing even though you had very little training?

First, you need to have the passion for doing new things. At first, I thought, “how hard can it be just to drive fast?” I quickly realized I was wrong. Racing and driving fast are two different things. Learning to race was like going back to school where I had to take tests and learn to read all the data collected. I have to be honest, the first year when I raced in the Scirocco Cup in Asia, I was so stressed out that I asked myself, “am I here to enjoy or am I here to work?!” However, when you really enjoy what you are doing and work hard at it, you will taste the reward at the end.

Keo Chang driving his Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
Keo Chang driving the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport

What is something interesting that goes on behind the scenes that people watching the race are usually not aware of?

There is a tremendous amount of tension and exertion both physically and mentally when you are driving the car. To the audience, it seems that all the driver needs to do is sit down in his seat, relax and drive with his hands and feet in place, and that’s it. The truth is, you just have to try it yourself and experience how difficult it is.

From your experience racing cars in the recent years, what are some of the most valuable lessons you have learned?

In my country, to some people racing cars, is like a “sin”. At first, I thought the same way too; that it is only for rich people, big toys for them to play for their leisure. But now I have totally changed my perspective toward racing. It is a sport that needs a lot of respect, concentration, and patience. I am very fortunate to get this opportunity to be involved in this sport.

From all your experience in business, what are some of the most valuable lessons you have learned?

To deal honestly and always give your 100%. I know you have probably heard the phrase “patience is a virtue”. To me, being patient and setting a good pace on what you do will always bring you positive results.

I enjoy helping people find their passion in life. For someone not sure what area they want to work in or what they are passionate about, any advice you would give them?

Passion drives us to be a better person. I believe one will always have passion doing something they love to do. Whatever you do, do it with passion and you will see the difference.

For someone visiting Taiwan for the first time, anything fun or interesting that you would recommend for them to do that is lesser known to tourists?

The easiest way to learn about the culture of Taiwan is to taste its foods. I don’t mean eating at the fancy restaurants, but visiting the night market trying the local street food. There you will see the nature and beauty of Taiwan.

Thank you so much, Keo, for sharing your insight into racing cars.

We can follow Keo on his future races at Blancpain GT Asia Series.

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