Key To Packing Your Clothes For Travel

Key to packing your clothes for travel
Key to packing your clothes for travel

I have a friend that was a flight attendant many years ago, and she shared with me the key to packing your clothes for travel. She loved being a flight attendant and was able to travel all over the world without spending a penny herself.

I totally understand why so many people want to become flight attendants. Travel all over the world, and let your company pay for it!

Free Tickets

I used one of her free tickets available for friends and flew across the Atlantic. They put me in first class, and I was super excited since it was the first time I had been in first class. I was a teenager, and this was one of the best experiences I ever had at that point!

I remember I was able to lay down horizontally in the chair. So much more pleasant to fly! I laid down, but did not want to sleep as I wanted to enjoy as much of the first class features as possible!

Meal On First Class

I know of many who cannot stand airplane food. I don’t think it’s too bad, though it usually does not leave a lasting impression after taking a flight. But in first class, the filet mignon they served was some of the best I have ever had! Who thought airplane food could taste so delicious!

Double The Space

I had always wondered how flight attendants were able to pack such few belongs into one carry-on bag on overseas flights. They mainly wear their uniform on the plane, but when they spend a few days for a layover, they wear regular clothes.

Secret To Packing Clothes For Travel

My friend told me the secret to packing your clothes for travel is in how you pack the clothes in your luggage. Most people will fold their clothes and then pack them together neatly in the luggage. It looks nice and organized, and you would think it’s the best way to use as little luggage space as possible. Yes, it’s better than dumping all your clothes into your luggage like I used to do 😉 But there is another method to pack your clothes where you can actually double the amount of clothes into the same suitcase.

Roll Your Clothes Is The Key

The key to packing your clothes for travel is to “roll up” your clothes. If you take your t-shirt, fold it a couple of times, then roll it up. It will now take up much less space in your luggage than if you just folded it. If you do this to all your clothes then you should be able to double the amount of clothes you can bring!

This is the only way I now pack and it does not make my clothes more wrinkled than folding them. Try it out next time you travel and see how it works for you!

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