Kilimanjaro Day 2 To Shira Cave Camp

Kilimanjaro Day 2 to Shira Camp
Kilimanjaro Day 2 to Shira Camp

The walk to Shira Cave Camp on Kilimanjaro Day 2 was a pleasant walk like the Day 1. At night it got cold at Machame Camp, but it warmed up during the day. The view is fantastic, and just got better and better the higher up we got!

Here is the video from Kilimanjaro Day 2 To Shira Cave Camp:

It’s a really beautiful view!
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Clothing For Kilimanjaro Day 2

Many on our team wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt most of the day. I wore long sleeve shirt and thin hiking pants which I felt was perfect for this type of weather. I did wear a jacket in the morning, as it took some time before it warmed up. I would take it off and on depending on how warm it got. It’s essential to regulate your body temperature, especially during the breaks.

Shira Camp Kilimanjaro Day 2

Shira Camp is located at 3,750 meters (12,000 feet). We brought a DeLorme Inreach Explorer GPS to track our hike. It’s pretty cool as you can send emails and text messages with it. It’s not that easy to type a long message, but nice to be able to send a few words to those back home.

inReach Explorer GPS
DeLorme inReach Explorer GPS

Vegetation Zone

We had now traveled from vegetation zone Rainforest to Moorland. You can see the landscape has changed in the pictures.

Kilimanjaro Day 2 to Shira Camp Sign
Shira Camp Sign

Toilets On Kilimanjaro

If you’re wondering how to go to the bathroom on Mount Kilimanjaro then there are 3 ways you can go.

1. Anywhere Outside (that you feel comfortable..!)

You can go almost anywhere outside you feel comfortable going. During the trek, we would walk for 1 hour and then have a 15-minute break. The ladies would go to one side of the path, and the guys would go to the opposite side. You just find the most private area you can behind a tree or a rock. We had one guy who didn’t get the memo and ended up squatting next to two girls, so the three of them bonded quickly..!

2. Portable Toilets

These portable toilets pictured below are placed at each campsite. Our trekking company had these set up during lunch as well, though I’ve heard not all the company provide these during lunch. The toilets are really tiny, but much better than squatting outside if you ask me…

Portable Toilet On Kilimanjaro
Portable Toilet On Kilimanjaro

3. Pee Bottle

The third option to go to the bathroom is at night time. We all had brought pee bottles in case we had to go at night while in the tent. This is for those who do not want to go outside when it’s cold. I preferred to put my shoes on and go outside since I did not think it was that cold outside. Besides, it was so beautiful to watch the stars in the sky at night! I have never seen so many stars in the sky before!

Dining Tent On Kilimanjaro

The green tent on the bottom is our dining tent. This is where we would have lunch and dinner each day except for lunch on Day 1. That day we were then given a lunch to bring with us. I don’t think all the trekking companies set up a tent for lunch with a warm meal, but the company we went with did. It was nice to be able to get a warm meal and get out of the wind while eating.

Kilimanjaro Mountain Day 2

The tent does not look that big in the picture, but we could easily fit 20-25 people in it comfortably. You can see what it’s like inside in this picture:

Inside Kilimanjaro Lunch & Dinner Tent
Inside Kilimanjaro Lunch & Dinner Tent

Beautiful View

From each campsite, we could see the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s such a beautiful mountain and it’s the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.

Kilimanjaro Day 2 Tent View

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