Nibbled While Snorkeling in Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Snorkeling in Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
Snorkeling in Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

One of my most fun vacations was at Phi Phi Islands in Thailand enjoying the beautiful beaches. There were no roads with cars on the islands at all, something I really enjoyed. The only way to get around was with a long-tail boat which cost around $30 for half a day.

We took a tour of the islands one of the first days we were there, and we were blown away by how stunning the island was.

Snorkeling In Phi Phi

Naturally, we couldn’t wait to get into the waters, and we went snorkeling in Phi Phi Islands. The water was crystal clear, and the were fishes swimming around us was a colorful, wonderful, sight to behold! Our boat driver threw pieces of bread in the water around me, and it seemed like thousands of fishes were swimming straight at me from all directions. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. There were so many fishes of all colors swimming right by my face!

Nibbled On While Snorkeling in Phi Phi Islands

This was my first time snorkeling, therefore it left a huge impression on me. But what made it an “unforgettable experience” was something else… You see, while I was snorkeling, I felt something nipping and nibbling on my nipples. I had no idea what was going on and wondered if I had gotten myself hooked on a fishing line because every few seconds, my nipples would feel a slight tug. I looked down and saw what the problem was.

Piercings Glittering

At that time, I had a ring on one nipple and a barbell on my other nipple. The fishes saw my piercings glittering in the water and went for my nipples! I reckoned that shiny and glittery metal meant that there was food to be had, as they kept going at them again and again. There were hundreds of fishes around me attracted by the bread in the water, and it sure felt like every fish got a good tug on each nipple!

Chicken Dance In The Water

Here I was, snorkeling around one of the most beautiful tropical waters in the world… with one hand covering each nipple, flapping my arms to keep afloat, flopping around trying to view as many fishes as I could. I’m sure the boat driver wondered what in the world I was doing, swimming around like I was doing the chicken dance! 🙂

Snorkeling in Phi Phi Islands had become quite the memorable experience!

Facts About Thailand

Official Language: Thai
Population: 68 million
Size: 513k square km (198k square miles)
Capital: Bangkok (8 million)
Currency: 1 USD = 35 Thai Baht

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