Paintball at Fighterforce Taipei, Taiwan

Fighterforce Taipei Paintball Field in Taipei, Taiwan
Fighterforce Taipei Paintball Field in Taipei, Taiwan

If you enjoy playing Paintball, there are some great paintball locations in Taipei. I’ve included a video underneath taken from one of the popular Paintball fields in Taiwan called Fighterforce Taipei.

Paintball Fields at Fighterforce Taipei

Their fields are well designed, ranging from larger open fields with lots of bunkers to something almost similar to close quarter combat. The field that is similar to close quarter combat is the size of a tennis court. They have lined up maybe 40 plastic barrels to use as bunkers. Since it’s such a small field, the game only lasts a couple of minutes. As soon as someone flanks one of the sides it’s over, and the whole team is an easy target.

Flanking On The Right

I remember one game I was able to flank the right side, and then take out the entire team one by one. The second time I got through on the same flank, but they had seen me. About 8 of them turned 180 degrees around aiming the paintball guns toward me. I then had 8 people firing at me at the same time having a blast getting payback from the previous game! Oh the wonderful bruises…!

From Capture The Flag to Team Deathmatch at Fighterforce Taipei

Fighterforce Taipei has a variety of different types of games like “capture the flag” and “team deathmatch”. Then they have this one game that’s a little weird where you’re supposed to have one person from your team run to the middle of the field and grab this huge plastic rocket. Their teammates need to cover the person going for the rocket and they need to make sure this person is not hit running with it back to base.

One of the fields at Fighterforce Taipei, Taiwan

Guard The Rocket

The other team is then supposed to guard this rocket, but they are not allowed to move freely up and down the field. They have to stand behind these bunkers/walls they have set up.

None of us enjoyed this game very much, and it was too difficult and painful. Basically, one person runs to try to get the rocket and gets totally blasted by the other team, and then another person tries… The problem is that the other team guarding the rocket is so close to it that they just wait and then unload their paint as soon as anyone tries to get the rocket.

You Can Decide

If you’re in a large group, then your group decides which game you would like to play. The staff just come with their suggestions; therefore I would recommend skipping this field since you only get 3-4 games per visit. I prefer to play regular “team deathmatch” and if you play the field that looks like a tennis court with the barrels, you’ll have so much fun!

Fighterforce Taipei Facility and Paintball Equipment

The group I would go with could all speak Chinese; therefore I’m not sure how they are at communicating in English. You can try to give them a call and if not, just have one of your friends call them to schedule your visit.

Paintballs at Fighterforce Taipei, Taiwan

They have a nice seating area outside and provide all the necessary equipment, jacket, pants, gloves, hat. Their masks are pretty standard, with regular wear and tear.

Rental shop at Fighterforce Taipei, Taiwan

Lens Fogging

When I played paintball in Thailand I always had an issue with the lens fogging, but this rarely happened when I played in Taiwan. I guess it just depends on the time of the year and what the weather is like. But I was glad it was not a major issue in Taiwan.

Here is a video I made using my iPhone 🙂

I remember playing in Thailand, and they would custom make their goggles by adding a fan. They would purchase a computer fan, and then connect it to a battery that they taped onto their goggle. It was pretty impressive!

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