I Summited Bukit Timah Hill, The Highest Point In Singapore :)

I Summited Bukit Timah Hill in Singapore
I Summited Bukit Timah Hill in Singapore

In whichever country I’m in, I always like to find out where are the fun or interesting places to go for a day trip or a half a day trip.

In Singapore, there are many of these fun places to go on a day trip. Singapore is quite small, and you can get to most places within 45 minutes to an hour. Bukit Timah Hill in Singapore is perfect for one of these day trips.

Natural Forest

Before visiting Singapore, I must I did not expect there to be much natural forest. I kind of thought Singapore would have payment everywhere and people just lived in these massive skyscrapers and flying around like The Jetsons. I was therefore very impressed over seeing so many nature reserves on the island. It’s really beautiful and green!

Highest Point In Singapore

Bukit Timah Hill is the highest point in all of Singapore. It’s 163.63 meters which is 537 feet. Yes, I’m not joking this is the highest point in all of Singapore. You can look it up..! It’s part of the Bukit Timah Nature reserves and a beautiful area to walk around.

Wild Monkeys At Bukit Timah Hill

My favorite thing about Singapore is that at many of the nature reserves wild monkeys are running around! My Singaporean friends are used to monkeys being in the forest, but this is new to me. Growing up, we had to go to the zoo to see monkeys, but in Singapore I’ve seen wild monkeys is so many places!

I’ve even heard that if the monkeys see you with a white grocery bag, they know it’s food inside and will go and grab it from you. It hasn’t happened to me, but when I went to TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie (also in Singapore) a monkey tried to get a hold of my backpack..!

Bukit Timah Hill Is A Great Place To Exercise

Bukit Timah Hill is a fantastic place to exercise. It takes about 30 minutes to walk up and down the hill, and it’s quite steep at some places, especially in the beginning. Going down the hill you’ll see many people walk backwards and sideways since it’s so steep. This puts less pressure on the knees when going downhill.

Halfway up the hill, you can choose to take a set of stairs up to the top. It’s faster to go this route, but it’s a much steeper climb.

Bukit Timah Summit

On the top of Bukit Timah Hill there is a rock that says “Bukit Timah Summit” with it’s height, latitude and longitude. 163.63 meters!

You can see a video I made the day we summited Bukat Timah Hill 🙂

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