Taroko Go Karting Land in Taipei, Taiwan

Taroko Go Karting Land in Taipei, Taiwan
Taroko Go Karting Land in Taipei, Taiwan

If you have a need for speed in Taiwan, the place to go drive go karts is at Taroko Go Karting Land. It’s just outside of Taipei toward the airport.

Taroko Go Karting Land

Taroko Go Karting Land is by far the best go kart place in all of Taiwan. The facility is relatively new and well maintained, and the karts in great condition. Rarely did any of the karts seem unusually slow or with worn out tires. I think we went there about 7-8 times and we all had a great time there. It feels like you’re going a lot faster than what you’re actually going as you’re sitting so close to the ground.

Let's Go! @Taroko Go Cart Taipei
Let’s Go! @Taroko Go Cart Taipei

Anyone can drive, young and old, so it’s a great place to go for someone’s birthday, or when you need a rush of adrenaline after a boring week at work.

Go Kart Packages

Taroko Go Karting Land had packages where you pay for 3 x 8 minutes races but would give you one additional race for free (buy 3 get 1 free). The wait time is not that long, though on weekends there would usually be twice as many people as during the weekdays. You can also drive in the evenings, but I seem to remember that the track is a little shorter than during the day, as they remove one part of the track, but you’ll have to call them and get the details.

Taroko Go Cart Taipei At Night
Taroko Go Cart Taipei At Night

Go Kart Lessons at Taroko Go Karting Land

They also give you the opportunity to take lessons to learn the right go kart driving technique etc. I have a friend who took the classes there and said it helped him tremendously be able to learn the proper techniques for entering and exiting a turn.

Track AT Taroko Go Cart Taipei
Race Track At Taroko Go Cart Taipei

Race Track At Taroko Go Cart Taipei

They have a poster that shows you the best place to position yourself in each turn on the course. I tried it, but it did not seem to help me… The only thing that worked for me would be to lean into the turn, and cut off half the corner, driving over the red and white painted part of the track that separates the asphalt from the grass. I’m also pretty sure this is what you’re NOT supposed to do.

One day I would like to take lessons and learn how to properly drive, as it’s really a fun sport!

So if you’re in need for speed and you’re in Taiwan, you definitely have to try this place out as you won’t be disappointed!

Here is a video I found on YouTube by Watanabi

Taroko Karting Land

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