Try This When Visiting Chiang Kai shek Memorial Hall In Taipei, Taiwan

Chiang Kai Check Memorial Hall
Chiang Kai Check Memorial Hall

Taiwan has many wonderful places to visit, and if you’re in Taipei, I hope Chiang Kai shek Memorial Hall will be on your list.

It’s quite easy to get there with the MRT (subway system). The MRT station is conveniently called Chiang Kai shek MRT Station (or C.K.S. MRT Station). This station is on the Red and Green line, which is in the southwest part of Taipei.

Memory of Chiang Kai shek

This memorial hall was built in honor and memory of Chiang Kai shek. I would encourage you to read about him before you visit. You can get a pretty good overview here and the important role he played in their history.

Panoramic View of Chiang Kai shek Memorial Hall

Here is a stunning panorama taken of the Memorial Hall Square at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall:

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Panorama
Photo: “CKS Panorama” by Ma Jien-kuo / CC

Unique Architecture

It’s a very pleasant area to walk around as the buildings and the gardens are beautiful.

I like it there because of the unique designs of the structures. The architecture is uniquely Chinese, and you don’t see old buildings this beautiful in many places in the world! It’s fascinating to see, especially for those who are not from Asia.

In Taiwan, you’ll be able to see the famous Taipei 101 from most places in Taipei. Taipei 101 is new and very modern, and a very popular place to visit. But it’s not nearly as interesting as the structures at Chiang Kai shek Memorial Hall.

Musical Concerts

Chiang Kai shek Memorial Hall is also a very popular place for musical concerts. If you look at the picture in the panorama, the building on the left is the Memorial Hall National Concert Hall. The building on the right is the National Theater. There are also concerts held outside in the Memorial Hall Square, which is the wide open area in the center between the buildings.

Architectural Acoustics

My friend, who had lived in Taiwan for a long time, showed me a fun little thing to do in the middle of the square. If visit, you can try it out. First, you have to walk to the center of the Memorial Hall Square. I’ve tried to locate the place on the map here:

CKC Memorial Hall Square / Google Maps

When you are right in the center of the square, clap. If you don’t want to know what happens, because you want to try it when you go, please don’t continue reading!

Okay, so since you’re still reading I’m assuming you want to know what happens when you clap…

Instead of hearing the normal clapping sound from your hands, it’s like the clapping sound evaporates in the air and you just hear a really weak, but high pitched sound. It’s quite strange and makes you want to try to clap harder but to no avail. Trust me I tried 🙂

Try it out and let me know if the same happened to you?

(A sound engineer will have to explain why this is.. something about the building surrounding the square..!)

Facts About Taiwan

Official Language: Mandarin Traditional Chinese
Population: 23 million
Size: 36k square km (13k square miles)
Capital: Taipei (2.7 million)
Largest City: New Taipei (4 million)
Currency: 1 USD = 30 New Taiwan Dollar

Taiwan / Google Maps
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