Watermelon, Coconut Water and Mint Dessert

Watermelon, Coconut Water and Mint Dessert
Watermelon, Coconut Water and Mint Dessert

My wife found a delicious recipe online, and we tried it out today. It was super simple and only had 3 ingredients in it. Watermelon, coconut water, and mint.

Watermelon is also one of my favorite fruits.. without the seeds though.. it’s a little annoying having to spit out the seeds all the time.

Watermelon Farm

A friend told me that many years ago when she was a student, she would work at a watermelon farm to make some extra money. She lived in the States, and this was decades ago.

During the summer it would be so hot outside, they would get a watermelon to eat to cool themselves down. But to open the watermelon, they would throw these large watermelons on the ground to break them open. Then they would eat just the middle of the watermelon.

This is the best part of the watermelon with the most flavor to it. I have tried these watermelons before, and they are extremely sweet and tasty.

This watermelon, coconut water and mint dessert we made, reminded me of eating that part of the watermelon.


For this dessert, we cut the watermelon into smaller cubes before putting them in the freezer for a day. We did this because it’s easier for the blender (Nutribullet) to crush the frozen watermelon the smaller the pieces are. By the way, if you’ve not used a Nutribullet before they are pretty impressive. I have to do a post one day on the Nutribullet, because we have found great use for it. It’s perfect to make a beverage like this.

We placed the watermelon in the Nutribullet and added coconut water. Then, we added mint leaves as well. I don’t have the exact measurements, but this is one of those beverages that turns out great no matter what ratio you use of each ingredient.

You can see a couple of pictures I took of it here:

It’s delicious, and you have to try it out! It’s a very refreshing beverage for the summer that definitely cools you down.

What is your favorite dessert?

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